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What to expect ✦✦

  • My art obviously 😂 (main topic)
    • WIPS
    • Sketches
    • Full Illustrations
    • Progress shots
    • Detail shots
    • OC posts (in-depth, lore, etc)
  • OC fanart I receive/commission
  • Whatever I’m up to I guess
    • 🤔
  • Some personal posts
    • Merch/art I bought
    • Cosplay pics
    • Convention reports
  • Talk about artists/art pieces I like in more detail
    • I am too shy to comment directly on posts
  • Memes
  • Lots of sarcasm probably

There will not be any explicit NSFW here. Some merch I own or art I draw maybe slightly suggestive, but nothing too crazy (I hope).