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Hi, I’m Somber (or Sombrely – but prefer Somber) I’m an (unconscious) illustrator and webcomic artist from ?? I like waifu mobile games and my OCs (like, a lot) My current project is my BL dark fantasy webcomic Surreal’s Archive.


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About the Author

I am into anime, gacha games and drawing. While my style could be considered ‘western’, I still enjoy the anime style and anime fandom (cosplay, vtubers, anime figures, doujin, artists who draw anime, etc). I used to draw anime but stopped a few years ago (I may write a blog post about it in the future).

I’m not really open to posting about my personal life (such as my day job, my relationship status, my sexuality, etc). You can read the reasoning here. You may find some pieces of information, but you will have to discover that info on your own instead of me providing it up front.


What programs do you use? What tools do you draw with?
I use Adobe Photoshop CC for drawing and occasionally Blender for object perspectives. I use a XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro 21.5 display tablet for drawing.

Do you accept commissions?
Not at the moment. I am revamping my commission page (as of Jan 2021).

How can I support you and your work?
See here.

Can I repost your work?
My OC artwork, no. Fanart with credit is OK.

Can I use your art for my profile picture? (ex. Twitter, forum, etc)
My OC artwork, no. Fanart with credit is OK.

Can I use your art for my roleplay character?

Are you open for collaborations or cross promotion?
Generally, no. Maybe with mutuals.

Do you accept art trades, art exchanges or do guest art?
Not at this time.

Do you accept requests?
No. If you want me to draw you something, you must pay me 🙂

How can I contact you about whatever?
See my About page if I list something. Generally, I am not open for contact. I don’t currently have messages open on Twitter or Instagram. If you have any questions about my art process, inspirations, etc, please ask them when I stream.

I have some more answers to general questions listed on my webcomic’s website.