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July Plans + Vtuber Debut

Posted in meta

July will be an interesting month. I plan on participating in Art Fight and debuting as a Vtuber!

Vtuber Debut

I was super inspired in the last month to try streaming as a Vtuber. I was excited at the prospect of streaming using an anime avatar. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but just couldn’t justify doing it out of anxiety and the fact that my style isn’t really anime. I’ve always just kind of flew under the radar in terms of views. Like, it’s no secret since the numbers are out there, but all my socials and webcomic have very low follows. This makes me so nervous that if I do something else like streaming, no one will show up ;_; (I had also tried streaming 1-2 years ago and no one showed up and made me so sad).

I am still anxious, but will try my best. Stay tuned.

Soft debut is planned for June 30th. 3D model debut will be July 31st or if I get affiliate on Twitch.

Art Fight

In my June newsletter, I mentioned I will be participating in Art Fight (my profile). I still plan to go ahead with this. Not sure how much I’ll participate – it really depends how I feel and if any of my friends are participating.

Webcomic Stuff

I have one more page to go before I start the webtoon scroll episode. I hope to upload the scroll version this week or next week. Still not sure if I will take a break from the webcomic for July. Would be nice to work on other things like extras and some fanart I wanted to do.

Wow What Did I Get Done In June?

I had a huge list of stuff I wanted to get done and literally did none of it oops. Was super sidetracked by my Vtuber project 🤣