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Newsletter ✦ June 2021

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Welcome to the May 2021 newsletter and retrospective. This newsletter will probably be brief as I had a mini hiatus this month. I will talk about MAV wiki, July plans and the performance issues that plagued my web domain.


Well, I feel like I literally did nothing all May. I didn’t complete any of the goals on my Trello list this month, sadly. I had a mental breakdown earlier this month. Just with covid cases in my area, Anime North cancelled for a second year in a row, and just feeling overall very hopeless. For once, it wasn’t my webcomic that made me depressed 🤣

I finished 4 pages this month which is pretty average – I could do more, but it also depends on the panel count (4-6 panels per page). I’m going to try and get 6 pages out this month.

Since my hiatus this month, my Webtoon and Tapas updates were later than I wanted; they will be up on June 4. It took about 2-3 hours to get the Webtoon version put together. It almost makes me want to turn my page based comic into a scroll format. The panels are bigger and show more detail in the face. Speaking of pages, I also increased the page size a bit. I used to draw on B4 but then moved to B3 when I started the Part 1 Intermission and figured instead of resizing back to B4 at 25%, that I resize B3 to 20%.

My webcomic anniversary was supposed to be May 26th but totally missed the date. I tried to put together a special illustration, but my illustrating style just takes too long (I should have just done it in webcomic style). I need to seriously simplify it down a bit. I also wasn’t too happy with the characters I chose and the pose. I’ll try to make up with it for the meidos I plan to draw for June.

Going forward I’m going to try and have bonus art for each Webtoon update. This update has bonus art of Grima’s casual outfit. I will have it up on the website after the Webtoon update.

Performance Upgrades!

One huge feature that some may have noticed is no more performance issues on the webcomic site! I upgraded the performance package on my webhost so hopefully the site loads much quicker.

MAV Wiki??

You may have seen on Twitter with me fighting with my Wiki extension. Project is not totally dead but frustrated that templates don’t seem to work properly. It’s just my luck 🙃

July Plans

Art Fight starts in July (here is my profile). I’m going to try my best and participate as much as I can. I hope to still be able to put out pages, but I may take July as a ‘break’ month and work on extras for the webcomic and clean up my homepage a bit with proper links.

New Stuff for June

Here are some of the goals (outside of regular webcomic updates) most of which are carried over from May due to my hiatus:
✦ Grima character sheet
✦ Redo pages 9 and 10 and reupload the Webtoon episode with the new art (I have already redone pages 007 and 008 that are available on my site)
✦ Revamp homepage
✦✦ Create a proper link page
✦✦ Maybe new pinned tweet on Twitter

Until next time.