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Newsletter ✦ Eve of Part 2

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This is my first newsletter. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while. The blog makes it a lot easier then my ‘to-do’ for the month getting completely lost in Twitter as well as the character limit.


I had a very ambitious goal for March to finish the remainder of the intermission for Part 1 of Surreal’s Archive. I finished Part 1 back in October of 2020 and wanted to naturally take some time off. Though, during that time, I had time to realize how stressed my webcomic actually made me. And it’s not so much the drawing/writing of the webcomic itself, but just the fucking numbers. It was especially bad on Tapas which is where I was primarily updating my webcomic. I kid you not, every time I would update on Tapas, I would lose followers. I tried posting more frequently, I tried uploading more pages per update, I tried updating at different times, but it actually did nothing. I’m at the point where my main website that I host my webcomic is getting more views than Tapas. Then I had some people recommend WebToon to me again. So I uploaded the rest of my webcomic there (I had a few updates on WT that I kind of abandoned) and seem to get some new people interested in my webcomic 😭💞 It’s nice to see some actual interaction with comments, likes and subs consistently. It definitely helped bring back the drive to continue working on my webcomic.

With the success of uploading to WebToon, I decided to try and finish the rest of the intermission by the end of March, which I managed to do on March 28th. It felt so good to actually finish the intermission in such a short amount of time. It definitely helped that I had changed my style in the intermission to be more simplistic. I really hope I can fly through Part 2 as it will be much shorter than Part 1.

Accomplishments this Month

In about half a month, I managed to finish everything I wanted much earlier, which means, Part 2 starts sooner!
✦ New banner/icon artwork for all sites (official, Tapas, WebToon)
✦ Finished uploading the Intermission in WebToon format
✦ Bonus artwork celebrating 300 subs on WebToon (in the gallery here)
✦ New chibi artwork for the Surreal’s Archive homepage (in the gallery here)
✦ Launched the extras section on the official site (primarily the gallery)
✦ Redid some parts of page 3 and page 5 to be more attractive to new readers (updated on official, WebToon and Tapas)

Wow, I still can’t believe I did that all in just 20 days. I think a lot of time save was doing my promo art (banners, icons) in my webcomic style instead of my illustration style. I think I managed to finish it in 2 days instead of like 2 weeks which is how long I thought it would take. The chibi was also something I wanted to have done. I had used chibi art of a character that hasn’t even shown up yet! It seemed out of place and wanted to replace it with either Surreal, Grima or Siv. I thought Siv was the best choice as he will have a lot of focus in Part 2 as well as his feature on the banner artwork.

I have also decided that I’m probably going to have to touch-up some old pages as I know the style is very outdated and looks really bad (in my opinion). Since the first few pages is how most readers will decide if they want to sub, they need to a least look presentable. I won’t be completely redoing pages, it will most likely be changing the faces and adding some accent colours to some pages while I work on Part 2.

New Stuff

New cool stuff planned for the remainder of April:
Part 2: Suture starts April 23rd!
✦ Grima finalized design
✦ Touch up old pages and updated Part 1 into WebToon format (as not all pages are in WT format)

And that’s it for now as it’s getting late. I will have another newsletter in May after a few pages of Suture released.